Hill, Farrer & Burrill LLP

Practice Area

Tort Defense

Hill Farrer & Burrill LLP has extensive experience in successfully defending and taking to Trial a variety of personal injury matters for its clients.  The actions include defending catastrophic injury cases, wrongful death lawsuits, significant motor vehicle accidents and chemical exposure litigation.  The firm represents various clients in these cases, including major soft drink manufacturers, bottlers and distributors, along with various chemical manufacturers, distributors and applicators.  Additionally, several of the firm’s clients own and operate significant fleets of vehicles which are often involved in litigation arising out of a variety of roadway situations.  In defending its clients at Trial, the firm has utilized numerous expert witnesses in the disciplines of accident reconstruction, biomechanical issues, human factor issues, life care issues, orthopedic medicine, pulmonary medicine and forensic accounting.  The firm has successfully defended these catastrophic personal injury cases in all Counties throughout the State of California, and also in Arizona and Nevada.